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Sales Are a Stahhhhmin'!

The Fertile Underground in the West End has been kind enough to share a chart showing their sales over several months:

We got talking about it at the register tonight, during snow chit-chat.  It turns out that business at their store booms during bad weather.  Good thing we'll be having plenty of that this weekend.

Except for the first peak, around the middle of April in 2012, which was from a party, the peaks in sales the store has had have either been due to hurricanes or blizzards.  Christo, one of my favorite people to talk to at the coop, said that not only did they do "pretty good" business during the initial snow, but it went through the roof "when everything shut down and no one could drive".  

So, maybe cars aren't all that great for business after all.

I can say that I'm looking forward to the brief glimmer of driver sensitivity that follows snow storms, when everyone goes 15 mph and yields to pedestrians.  What are you all looking forward to most about the storm?

FUG will be in the news on our blog again soon, as we follow their efforts to be a more bike-friendly business.  If you own a business and are trying to better accomodate cyclists, walkers, carpoolers, or transit riders, let us know, and we'll also give you a shout-out.  transportprovidence@gmail.com.  

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