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Gratuitous Chick Flicks

Rachel and I got chicks this weekend, and your special treat is to eat up their unbelievable cuteness.


I'm going to resist the urge to splice the singing schoolchildren from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds into the background of this video, even though that would be a fun mood-changer.

Lest this be seen as off topic for our blog, let's bring it back to transportation.  Cluck will soon be opening at 399 Broadway, which is something we're very excited for.  One of the largest obstacles that has delayed Cluck's opening has been Providence's parking minimums (PDF, see pages 135-144).  Parking minimums make housing and business space more expensive (PDF), induce people to drive rather than use public transportation or bikes to get around, and shift the price burden of owning a car from those who drive to those who may not even be able to afford a car.  Because a business can technically apply for a variance to the zoning code if they want to develop their space differently, parking minimums also allow for city government to act in a capricious nature, granting variances or not granting them based on its own whims.

We really value Cluck's attempts to create a bike-friendly business along a bus corridor, and would like to see the day when Providence businesses don't have to go through so much trouble fighting to do the right thing.  We hope that people will check the store out when it soon opens.

If you want to learn more about why parking minimums are bad this is a very good video explaining why.

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