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Fines Doubled in Bike Zone

Fines Doubled in Work Bike Zone

HERE'S AN IDEA that's come due.  Providence should institute doubled fines for bike routes, similar to those that exist in work zones. Streets like Broadway and Blackstone Boulevard that carry large numbers of cyclists should have their speed limits more strictly enforced.  Doubled fines would give the city the revenue to cover these routes better with police enforcement, and would give drivers the incentive to avoid expensive tickets.  Studies show that the gap between 25 miles per hour and 35 mph, which feels like very little in a car, nonetheless makes a huge difference to the comfort and safety of pedestrians and cyclists.  There's no reason why the Providence PD can't start doing this right now. At a community meeting last night at the Fertile Underground in the West End, the suggestion that Westminster Street's 25 mph speed limit should be better enforced practically got a standing ovation.  Other residents recounted what we have also experienced, which is trying to cross the street and having people plow straight through the crosswalk.  Mayor Taveras could really score some political points by doing something about speeding throughout the city.  People can tweet the mayor with the hashtag #StopSpeedinginPVD if they think this is a good idea.

Update:  Art Handy, the State Assembly Chair for environment, has already started promoting this idea on his Twitter, and suggests that South County Rep. Teresa Tanzi may also be game:
People should definitely thank them both for their support.

Another great idea came from Peter Brassard, who said:

The "right hook" accidents that occur when cars just sweep around a corner without looking, and hit cyclists who are going straight, is a serious problem.  Brassard has an imaginative idea.

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